APT manufactures high-performance non-lethal & less-than-lethal pyrotechnics, smoke grenades & low-velocity ammunition solutions for armed forces, security forces and law enforcement.


Non-lethal technologies play a vital role in preventing conflict escalation when reduced force is preferred and rules of engagement demand minimal fatalities. With the ultimate aim of promoting safety and security, Advanced Pyrotechnics (APT) is committed to providing its clients with innovative ignition solutions well-suited for use on the battlefield and in civilian environments.

A joint venture between GradeOne Group and EDGE Group, APT is the leading pyrotechnics company and non-lethal technology manufacturer in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We provide armed and security forces, and law enforcement with high-performance pyrotechnics and low-velocity ammunition that support military competitiveness and force preparedness.

From one of the world’s most advanced and full-fledged pyrotechnics manufacturing and testing facilities at Tawazun Industrial Park (TIP), Abu Dhabi, we produce non-lethal smoke grenades and low-velocity projectiles. These military-grade products are primarily used for signalling, masking, crowd control, and training, ensuring mission success with accurate performance.


In collaboration with top worldwide producers of premium pyrotechnic technologies, APT’s certified engineers and chemists license, customise, and manufacture military-grade products with the precise performance for mission success. The products go through a stringent testing and production process driven by a thorough knowledge of the conditions and contingencies in which these tactical assets are most required.

Adhering to the highest safety and environmental regulations, our products are guaranteed safe for both the end-user and the environment. The company has also adopted German technology requirements and military standards and specifications that comply with international laws, including EU-REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations.

Additionally, APT is registered with the NATO Codification Bureau and is ISO 9001:2015 certified, consistently complying with international safety and performance requirements.


Developed primarily as tools for military, special forces, law enforcement, and rescue teams, APT’s flagship pyrotechnics include a range of fully customisable non-lethal technologies, such as 45mm to 60mm hand grenades and cartridges.

These products use coloured smoke to signal and/or mark; high-intensity sound and/or light to distract or communicate; and irritants, rubbers and/or smoke to control crowds. Specifications like emission density and duration and sound and light intensity can be adjusted to meet client requirements.

APT’s products are environmentally friendly and manufactured with the highest standards of quality and safety. The company has recently also entered the market for lethal ammunition, diversifying its extensive product portfolio.


Fit for training, signalling, and distraction purposes, APT’s 40 mm and 60 mm coloured smoke grenades come in an array of different colours including red, green, blue, yellow, white, orange, or violet. These smoke colours are manufactured with organic dyes, making the grenades environmentally friendly.

APT’s coloured smoke grenades are packaged in seamless aluminium cans with an approximate height of either 110 mm or 150 mm. They are designed to be resistant to water, corrosion, and humidity to guarantee long shelf life.

The typical burn time for the grenade is between 40 and 120 seconds in a standard environment. However, the burning duration, along with the density, deployment speed, and grenade's height and width, can all be adjusted as required.


Equipping operational troops and critical assets with a quick camouflage, our white or grey screening smoke grenades can produce a cloud of dense white smoke with burning durations of between 25 to 45 seconds in a standard setting. These grenades can be utilised for training, concealing allies’ positions, or impairing an enemy unit’s visibility.

As a smoke screen grenade manufacturer, we use only hazard-free substances for our hand grenades, ensuring no adverse effect on personnel’s health. Our smoke formulations also work flawlessly in both dry and humid environments, providing guaranteed performance anytime, anywhere.


Stun grenades produce a loud noise (bang, whistle) and/or bright light (flash, strobe-light) to instantly disorient anybody within the effective range. These tools have become critical in sensitive operations, such as hostage situations, when collateral harm to other parties is undesirable.

Since stun grenades are often employed in the most stressful situations, it is essential that they operate safely across settings and circumstances. As the leading stun grenade manufacturer, APT has accomplished this by developing three distinct venting systems: side vent, bottom vent, and electronic delay systems.

Additionally, APT’s stun grenade is initiated by a fly off lever action unlike an impact grenade. The stun grenades can create sound levels between 160dB to 170dB and flash intensity of approximately 6,000,000cd.

38MM & 40MM

Designed with excellent accuracy, effectiveness, and safety, our 38mm and 40mm low-velocity grenade launcher ammunition enables law enforcement and special forces to fulfil a variety of operational needs and handle a range of situations from a distance of 5m to 100m.

Our non-lethal ammunition is appropriate for crowd control, breaching barriers, incapacitating aggressors, neutralising a single individual, and marking groups of people. Cartridges are available with one or three rubber balls, as well as with 9mm or 18mm rubber balls/multi balls.


Deployed during radio breakdown and emergency situations, signal cartridges are reliable tools on the battlefield, especially for illumination, communication of coded messages and distress signals, as well as enemy disablement.

This self-sufficient signalling and illumination product offers optimum flash intensity of approximately 30,000 - 100,000 cd, along with minimised recoil and a standard vertical distance of up to 120 m. They are available in single or multiple star designs in a variety of colours, including green, blue, red, yellow, or illumination. Additionally, we provide coloured smoke cartridges with one, several, or CS pyrotechnic charges.

The 38 mm signal cartridges come in a robust design, optimising performance, increasing safety, and providing minimal environmental effect. As with our other non-lethal technologies, signal cartridges are compatible with any 1-inch or 1.5-inch signal pistol.


Developed with sounds and flashes, APT training devices expose trainees to the most true-to-life but safe replica of explosions, providing a realistic training environment that prepares them for operation. Additionally, trainees learn proper and safe handling techniques of pyrotechnic supplies.

Intended for training and practice purposes, APT’s Thunder Flash/Whistle Bang is designed with a cardboard body and uses a one-time friction ignition for easy operation. The size of the paper tube and the material’s protection grade can be defined according to client specifications.

Thunder Flash/Whistle Bang is manufactured utilising eco-friendly materials, including a plastic safety cap with a waterproof friction surface, a paper tube, dampening substance, and report charge assembly. This report charge assembly encloses the pyrotechnic charge and produces a 145dBA report, simulating the battlefield noise. All the materials and packaging offer guaranteed lengthy shelf life.