What We Do

Armoured military vehicle

The best tools in the field are only as good as the platforms and systems that support them. Ensuring a full operational lifecycle for sea, airborne, and ground-based capabilities is the core responsibility of our Platforms & Systems cluster. Our team of integration specialists design, manufacture, assemble, overhaul and upgrade a whole world of platforms and systems, enabling advanced solutions across any terrain, anywhere in the world.

At EDGE, we have decades of delivery experience and a relentless research and development programme. The result is smart, connected technology that delivers unparalleled performance, safety, and reliability.

Our Capabilities

Missile design and manufacturing
Propulsion and launch Systems
Manufacturing military vessel
Design manufacture autonomous vehicles
Autonomous Systems
Armoured vehicle design production
Armoured Vehicles
Non-armoured vehicle manufacturing
Non Armoured Vehicles
Military systems integration
System Integration