Company: ERS
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
CLOSES ON: 2020-02-16
Department: Finance

Education and Qualifications

-Bachelor in accounting

- 2-4 years of experience

Key Accountabilities

-Prepares monthly receivable aging reports and analyze of the debts for provision purposes. Contact customers to collect past due amounts. Identify any reasons for non-payment and develop plans with supervisor on how to resolve.

-Prepare and match invoices with the supporting documents to ensure the accuracy of the records and pass the required accounting entries and ensure accurate posting to the appropriate customer’s account.

-Handles customer receivable/payable inquiries. Prepares weekly collection/payable reports. Highlight and  communicate any invoicing or credit memo errors identified when applying remittances

-Exercises appropriate control over all the receivables and their recording in the GL. Identify on regular basis the unknown deposits, reconcile the banks’ accounts on regular basis and produce appropriate reports to the Chief Accountant

-Calculates and prepares reimbursement billings and track receivables/payables, reconcile monthly accounts. Distribute monthly revenue and expenditure reports to management. Prepare financial reports for certain General Ledger (GL) accounts for the month end financial reports.

-Verifies monthly reconciliation of General Ledger (GL) accounts with its sub ledgers and resolve problems together with sub-ledger owners and assist in maintaining of billing, payment information and generate reports for management use on receivables/payables

-Assists in the generation of vouchers, invoices, cheques, account statements, reports and other records, distributing monthly revenue and expenditure reports to Projects. Assists in making wire transfers and journal funding transfers and reconcile monthly bank statements.

-Effectively ensure payments processing and collection of outstanding balances, maintaining the customers’/clients’/suppliers’/employees’ files and update them properly as needed.