Company: EARTH
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
CLOSES ON: 2020-02-26
Department: Electro Optic Center of Excellence
Direct reports: NA
Reports to: Maintenance Line Manager


To perform the modification/integration of electro-optical products and systems/components including and not limited to evaluate the capability and performance of existing products and systems/components; modifying and/or developing new systems; coordinating testing activities and ensure the completion of modification/integration activities as per the program/project requirements.   

Education and Qualifications

Minimum bachelor degree in engineering (electro-optical, electronic, electrical) or equivalent

Fresh engineering graduate or minimum 8 years’ experience of electro-optical/electrical engineering in public/private sector organization

Key Accountabilities

  • Conduct an analysis (under supervision of Project Manager) to evaluate the capability and performance of existing electro-optical systems/sub-systems and understand the resulting impacts that would occur due to modifications
  • Based on the outcome of analysis, the Engineer will be accountable for the following activities:
  • Modify program/project plans (in coordination with manufacturing partner/supplier) including phases, key activities, milestones; work schedule, work orders and work flows
  • Develop work schedule and work orders to execute electro-optical systems/sub-systems development/modification and integration activities
  • Advise on the selection of electro-optical systems/sub-systems depending on obsolescence, availability and cost
  • Perform/supervise Technicians or coordinate with manufacturing partner/supplier for the modification/integration process to assemble and integrate electro-optical systems/sub-systems or
  • Design new electro-optical system including design, assembly drawings, schematics, 3D modelling and document the key design aspects/specifications
  • Conduct engineering design analysis to enable appropriate scoping of electro-optical system and carry out the revisions, if required
  • Generate interface requirements and design documentation to ensure the necessary and complete integration of the electro-optical systems with the other systems
  • Implement risk mitigation plans and monitor the outcomes
  • Develop the data pack and communicate the design, assembly drawings, schematics and 3D modelling of electro-optical systems to manufacturing partner/supplier, as applicable
  • Coordinate with manufacturing partner/supplier to develop/supply electro-optical system components/sub-systems/parts as per the key design aspects/specifications
  • Perform/coordinate with manufacturing partner/supplier for the modification/integration process to assemble and integrate electro-optical components/ sub-systems/parts
  • Carry out the testing of electro-optical systems prototypes in coordination with testing team
  • Troubleshoot minor installation issues, as and when required  
  • Carry out post integration examination (in coordination with testing team) to verify proper functioning of electro-optical systems and final inspection to verify the completion of integration activities
  • Develop technical reports and documentation as required
  • Adhere to HSE (health, safety and environment) and environmental procedures