Technical Publisher

Company: ADASI
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
CLOSES ON: 2020-02-26
Department: Quality Control and Configuration Management
Direct reports: N/A
Reports to: Associate Manager


The Technical Communicator (Technical Writer) must prepare and maintain user manuals, operating instructions, illustrated parts catalogues, assembly instructions, journal articles, and other supporting documents in order to communicate complex and technical UAS information to designers, customers, manufacturers and stakeholders in as simple a manner as possible.

Education and Qualifications

  • A degree is required (in a field such as computer science, a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, or communications).
  • At least five years technical subject experience (preferably in an aerospace environment).
  • At least three years of experience related to technical writing in aerospace environment (preferably applied to UAS products).
  • Knowledge of authoring, web design and/or engineering processes in general.
  • Basic understanding of CATIA (recommended).
  • Knowledge of XML (recommended).


  • Have basic UAS knowledge/understanding or equivalent (e.g. payloads, aircraft, support equipment, ground stations and communications equipment).
  • Have knowledge of aerospace systems operation, maintenance and logistic aspects activities preferably applied to UAS products.
  • Have a basic understanding of engineering processes, preferably as applied to UAS products and their life cycles in an aerospace environment (such as Development, System Engineering, QA, CM, system integration and test, production and system manufacturing data pack baseline establishment and management).
  • Ability to read and understand 2D drawings and 3D models.
  • Have the ability to efficiently and logically capture, structure and review technical documentation in team context so as to be able to help to establish written documentation (such as User Manuals, Assembly Instructions and Maintenance Manuals).
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate in written form in a structured manner as regards UAS functions, specifics and processes in life-cycle context using approved company standard software tools such as MS Word.
  • Have the capability of helping to impart UAS technical data to newcomers, trainees and team members in capability building and training course context (written as well as oral).

Key Accountabilities

  • Determine the technical documentation needs of ADASI internal staff and external product end users.
  • Work with the UAS technical staff in order to make products easier to use and to require simpler documentation, develop, gather, and disseminate technical information among customers, designers, and manufacturers.
  • Standardize written technical content/templates across platforms and media within ADASI.
  • Organize, write and see to the adequate review of product supporting documentation (such as User Manuals).
  • Apply graphic aids such as photographs, drawings, diagrams, animation, and charts to increase Reader understanding.
  • Gather usability feedback from customers, designers, and manufacturers and improve existing documentation accordingly.
  • Revise documents as new issues arise.
  • Participate in Service Bulletin preparation.
  • Participate in the Configuration Control Board to identify and highlight needs for Technical Publications updates due to configuration changes.