Pyrotechnics Engineer

Company: APT
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
CLOSES ON: 2020-07-20
Department: Research and Development
Direct reports: N/A
Reports to: Research and Development Manager


To organize research activities according to R&D plan and to define technical specifications for Chemicals to be used in R&D and production.

Education and Qualifications

Master's degree in chemical engineering, chemistry, or related field.

Key Accountabilities

Pyrotechnics Engineer will organize research activities according to the Development Plan and R&D Manager’s instructions.
Defines technical specifications for chemicals to be used in the research and development/production process. Together with QC department representatives he/she will organize and execute testing of in-development pyrotechnic charges, according to adopted procedures. Pyrotechnic Engineer, when required, will provide professional assistance to the production Pyrotechnic Engineer will give instructions to Technical Assistant in preparations of production technologies, and must be fluent in the English language verbal and written.
Preferred Experience: (listed, but not limited to):
·         10 Years previous experience in R&D of non-lethal technologies and pyrotechnics. 
·         Experience with non-lethal explosive grenades and projectiles (delay compositions recipes and production).
·         Experience with spray OC and CS & CS Synthesis.
·         Experience with pyrotechnic compositions, devices, processes, and customization as well as technical documentation.