Software Engineer

Company: AL TARIQ
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
CLOSES ON: 2020-02-26
Department: Engineering
Reports to: Engineering Manager


This position will be responsible the development and implementation of hardware in the loop and GPS/GNSS software on new and existing products that are produced.

Education and Qualifications


  • 4 Year Bachelor’s degree (Software, Electronic or Mechanical Engineering, or Computer Science) or equivalent qualification or equivalent experience.
  • Modelling & simulation
  • Software Development
  • C
  • Matlab
  • Simulink
  • Lab and field testing


• 15 – 20 twenty years’ experience in defense industry, preferably in navigation system development.

• 10 years’ experience in integrating algorithms onto some embedded systems.• Experience in problem solving techniques

Key Accountabilities

• Draft software requirement specifications from User Requirements.

• Software design specifications preparation and review.

• Write interface control documents.

• Write software acceptance test procedures.

• Perform software design and development in accordance to the software design specification.

• Provide support on various programs in the development of systems, subsystems, components and software, such as flight computers, seekers, navigation and test equipment.

• Execute software acceptance test procedures.

• Ensure that designs comply with latest safety requirements for safety critical software.

• Analyse, report and review products parameter compliance with product specifications:

- Lab test results.

- Flight test results.

- Ad hoc investigation results.

• Hardware in the Loop Simulation:

• Establish Hardware in the Loop Simulation (HILS) capability.

• The primary focus of the HILS capability shall be to simulate Smart Munitions Weapon Systems.

• Where applicable/feasible, establish and maintain the HILS (or parts thereof)

• Derive simulation specifications from weapon system specifications for existing products or new weapon systems.

• Design and implement simulation models (subsystems) as defined by the simulation specification.

• Models may include (list not exhaustive): IIR/SAL/Optical seekers, GPS/GNSS, guidance, navigation, aerodynamic and weapon system control models.

• Validate the simulation models against empirical and test data, (not limited to) Aero wind tunnel, CFD or empirical data, Navigation field test data, Lab test data, Flight Test data).

• Design a HILS bench environment based on the appropriate 6-DOF simulation.

• Design and implement Hardware incorporation into the HILS bench.

• Validate the HILS environment.

• Perform HILS simulations analysis in support of System Engineering functions (specification parameter validation, what-if studies, embedded-software validation and hardware enhancement evaluation/validations).

• Perform HILS-based acceptance test studies.

• Perform analysis of simulation results and compile result reports.

• Work in close cooperation with 6-DOF development.



• Establish a real-time Operator in the Loop Simulation capability to develop pilot training aid simulators for weapon training purposes.

• Production line support: Participate in Fault Investigations, MRB and PCMBs to identify, define and resolve software/hardware/system/performance related issues.

  • Perform other similar and related duties as required.