We are the UAE's only ammunition manufacturer Company also known as ammunition pioneers. We are in the industry with over 25 years of experience in leading defence & security organizations.


As the UAE’s sole munitions manufacturer, LAHAB is committed to modernising the entire munitions value chain with its 25+ years of knowledge and experience. We support major defence and security organisations, law enforcement agencies, and sports clients, supplying them with reliable and safe munitions and services.

By using cutting-edge technology and sophisticated manufacturing capabilities, LAHAB provides professional assistance throughout the munitions lifecycle - from assembly through decommissioning and far beyond. As a part of EDGE's Missiles and Weapons cluster, we leverage our Continuous Improvement Programme to embrace emerging technologies like process optimisation and, in the future, robotics manufacturing with high-precision tools.

LAHAB Light Ammunition for small arms ammunition design, development, and production.


As one of the pioneering ammunition manufacturers in MENA, LAHAB LIGHT AMMUNITION strives to provide the military, law enforcement, and civilian customers across the globe with the highest-quality small arms ammunition. We also play a key role in the worldwide innovation and growth of the recreational gun ammunition industry.

Operating at the core of the defence and security supply network, LAHAB LIGHT AMMUNITION is continuously expanding its ammunition manufacturing capabilities. We provide high-volume production in the UAE, backed by world-class materials, as well as ongoing investment in people and technology to remain ahead of the competition.

We also combine our domain expertise and cutting-edge technology and processes to develop high-performing small arms ammunition designs that comply with NATO, US-MIL SPEC, CIP, and SAAMI standards and are adaptable to constantly changing mission requirements.

Dedicated to supporting you and your forces, our capabilities include cutting-edge ballistics and ammunition testing. Our modern ammunition labs can analyse and test a wide range of ammunition types according to the highest standards. 

At LAHAB LIGHT AMMUNITION, we also have ballistic testing facilities covering services, including blast overpressure measurement, piezo-electric pressure sensor calibrator, and static testing of explosive-filled components up to 1kg, among others. These services guarantee that we consistently deliver dependable, high-precision products, including calibre 9x21mm, 9 x19 mm blank, 9x19mm ball, .38 super ball, and .40 S&W ball.

Along with our dedication to our customers, we adhere to the strictest quality standards. Our methods include quality in each step of product creation, with testing and inspection occurring at various points throughout the development cycle. Through these rigorous quality checks, we have earned our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Safety is - and will always remain - our number one concern. We have earned a number of prestigious national and international accreditations and certifications over the years, establishing new norms for occupational safety in the UAE. Our certifications include OSHAD, Occupational Health and Safety, FANR, and the UAE Ministry of Health, as well as an ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.