We are UAE's only munitions manufacturer providing expert support from assembly to demilitarization and beyond. We have over 25 years of experience working for leading defence, security organizations and law enforcement.


As the UAE’s sole munitions manufacturer, LAHAB is committed to modernising the entire munitions value chain with its 25+ years of knowledge and experience. We support major defence and security organisations, law enforcement agencies, and sports clients, supplying them with reliable and safe munitions and services.

By using cutting-edge technology and sophisticated manufacturing capabilities, LAHAB provides professional assistance throughout the munitions lifecycle - from assembly through decommissioning and far beyond. As a part of EDGE's Missiles and Weapons cluster, we leverage our Continuous Improvement Programme to embrace emerging technologies like process optimisation and, in the future, robotics manufacturing with high-precision tools.

LAHAB Military Services for ammunition training, testing, engineering, simulation, SLS, and demilitarisation and disposal.


Driven by you, your operations, and your teams, the specialist LAHAB Military Services unit aims to consolidate a variety of critical support services, from ammunition training and engineering to testing and simulating. 

At LAHAB Military Services, we place an emphasis on safety. This approach is woven throughout all of our operations, with employees striving to enhance safety at all levels of the organisation. As evidence of this and our standard of regulatory compliance, we have earned the OSHAD SF V 3.1 and ISO 45001:2018 certification in occupational health and safety. 

We are also actively exploring different green projects to minimise our environmental impact, guided by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's Green Economy Initiative and our ISO 14001:2015 environmental management systems accreditation.

Supporting you from assembly to decommissioning, we have strengthened our product line and focused our business on various services including the following:

Engineering Lab

At LAHAB MILITARY SERVICES, we provide comprehensive technical support and military engineering services in various areas, from process design to technology transfer, as well as other technical services for the defence and security sectors.

Training Lab

Our UK-accredited Ammunition Management training courses for activities and processes before, during, and after production are led by fully qualified and seasoned international experts and are governed by best practices and the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines.

Testing Lab

Composed of a chemical laboratory, an x-ray laboratory, a testing range, and a mobile test range, our specialised facility for munitions testing is among the finest in the MENA region in terms of personnel and equipment. 

Simulation Lab

From the study of safety traces and blast overpressure to internal, exterior, and terminal ballistics, we have the expertise and technology to conduct computational simulations for a wide variety of scenarios and applications.

Service Life Surveillance

With our advanced capacity in Service Life Surveillance (SLS), we can ensure your safety while helping you prolong the serviceable life of your resources.

Demilitarisation and Disposal

LAHAB Military Services guarantee safe and proper ammunition disposal and demilitarisation by carefully dismantling items and neutralising volatile materials using environment-friendly processes.