Next-generation unmanned surface vehicle (USV)

Payload capacity 600 kg
Overload 1,000 kg
Endurance 1 week at sea (@ 5 knots)
Power source : Multiple battery packs (4 x 4 kw) + diesel generators (2 x 3.5 Kw) + multiple 8 sqm solar panels (3 x 1.2 Kw)

The AL MIRSAD is a next-generation, unmanned surface vehicle (USV) designed to carry payloads of approximately 600 kg with a 1-tonne overload.

Designed for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, and underwater mine detection, the AL MIRSAD comprises state-of-the-art sensing payload and can perform a diverse range of missions with a 1-week endurance at sea at 5 knots.