Implementing high-level service ammunition lifecycle

At LAHAB MILITARY SERVICES, we have high-level capability in Service Life Surveillance – covering the entire ammunition lifecycle. From ammunition handling, storing and transporting to utilisation, we can help you not only to stay safe and secure, but to extend the serviceable life of your resources and maximise its value over time by testing, evaluating and recommending the optimal course of action. We can also support you in implementing your own SLS protocols so you can make the most informed decisions.

As part of our SLS offering, we test and trial ammunition per lot, per location, with comprehensive suite of tests including:

  • Visual examination
  • X-Ray examination (where relevant)
  • Chemical analysis to measure stability and status in the lifecycle
  • Dynamic evaluation (where relevant) through static and functional trials.


Our SLS insights enable you to determine:

  • Ammunition available for operation and deployment
  • Ammunition safe for storage and transport
  • Ammunition unsafe for storage
  • Unserviceable ammunition
  • Ammunition requiring refurbishment, demilitarisation or disposal
  • Surplus stock planning
  • Budgeting


In addition, we offer SLS consulting services including:

  • Ammunition and explosives incidents and enquiries
  • Ammunition management documentation