Sound & Flash 1 Bang Rubber Hand Grenade

SF Rubber
Height 110 mm approx.
Diameter 41mm
Effect Top Vent
Net weight 170 g approx.

Light-weight; Top Vent; Fly-off Lever type; Safety Pin; Safe handling; Rubber body; can be carried in pouch

  • Delay: 1.5 ± 0.5 seconds
  • Sound level: 160 dB
  • NEQ: 3 g approx.
  • Flash intensity: 5,000,000 cd approx.

The Sound & Flash 1 Bang Rubber Hand Grenade delivers a loud sound and intense light, useful for the temporary incapacitation of hostile groups during military and law enforcement operations. This grenade is initiated by fly-off lever action. When activated, and after a precisely defined delay time, the grenade will eject the fuse assembly to a distance of 1m from the grenade body, leaving the top side open for the report charge to vent and produce a loud report (bang), with intense light discharge. The lightweight rubber body will cause no injuries if thrown back by hostile persons after its deployment. The grenade is designed for both indoor and outdoor application in riot control, hostage and training scenarios.


  • 10 Grenades packed in a M2A1 (Metal box);
  • 100 M2A1 boxes packed on 1 Pallet.


420,000 pcs / 8h Shift