About E-VendorPortal

Logistics portal

E-Vendor is a user friendly, intuitive self-serve supplier management portal. E-Vendor provides seamless collaboration and information exchange between EDGE Suppliers & EDGE Buyers helping to streamline communications. E-Vendor will manage the end-to-end supplier lifecycle including:

  • Supplier Registration
  • Purchase Order Collaboration
  • Reporting capability for both EDGE Buyers and our Suppliers

Benefits of E-Vendor Portal

Supplier Management Portal

EDGE Buyer & Supplier communication and supplier profile registration will be conducted and managed through the E-Vendor Portal. E-Vendor helps suppliers stay up to date with EDGE’s requirements, purchase orders, and receivables leading to better planning and a reduced need for voice and email communications. Similarly, it helps our Procurement team to be aware of order confirmation, dispatch plans, shipment details and delivery dates.

Key Benefits are

  • Seamless supplier on-boarding process including workflows
  • Faster and easier way to request, receive, validate and approve vendor information
  • Greater transparency for suppliers into longer term and near-term demands
  • Collaborative platform providing visibility on purchasing documents
  • Self service capability for suppliers to submit updates

Supplier Registration in E-Vendor

Supplier Registration In E-Vendor


If you wish to offer your services to EDGE corporate, you may Self- Register on E-Vendor Portal (Click here)

Click here to download our Supplier Seminar Presentation

Click here to download our Full Step-by-Step Training Material

Click here to download our Existing Vendor Portal Access

Click here to download our Purchase Order Confirmation Guide

Click here to download our Advanced Shipping Notice Guide

Click here to download our Service Entry Sheet Guide

Registered suppliers

Click here to login to EDGE E-Vendor Portal with your registered email address

If you have questions or are experiencing difficulty completing the E-Vendor registration form, please reach out to E-Vendor@EDGEgroup.ae