LAHAB DEFENCE SYSTEMS manufactures medium and large calibre munitions. We are in the industry with over 25 years of experience in leading defence & security organizations.


As the UAE’s sole munitions manufacturer, LAHAB is committed to modernising the entire munitions value chain with its 25+ years of knowledge and experience. We support major defence and security organisations, law enforcement agencies, and sports clients, supplying them with reliable and safe munitions and services.

By using cutting-edge technology and sophisticated manufacturing capabilities, LAHAB provides professional assistance throughout the munitions lifecycle - from assembly through decommissioning and far beyond. As a part of EDGE's Missiles and Weapons cluster, we leverage our Continuous Improvement Programme to embrace emerging technologies like process optimisation and, in the future, robotics manufacturing with high-precision tools.

LAHAB Defence Systems for large and medium calibre munitions and weapons systems.


One of the leading defence contractors in UAE, LAHAB DEFENCE SYSTEMS innovates and enhances the capabilities of the armed forces and the broader defence industry in the UAE and across the region. We develop, produce, and test a variety of advanced medium and large calibre munitions - ranging from grenade to artillery ammunition - all while adhering to the strictest safety and environmental requirements.

At LAHAB DEFENCE SYSTEMS, we are well-equipped to examine and test ammunition. There are two ballistic test facilities located on LAHAB premises:​ the Ballistic Testing Lab, which includes two indoor shooting ranges for the assessment of small arms ammunition and anti-ballistic materials, and the Open Ballistic Shooting Range, which is tailored to test small and medium calibre munitions. ​

Also included in LAHAB DEFENCE SYSTEMS’ facilities are a chemical laboratory and an x-ray lab. Both of these facilities operate to world-class standards and are certified and licensed by the relevant authorities to guarantee that we continue to offer reliable, high-performance products.

Innovating medium to large calibre munitions for tomorrow's front lines, our production and assembly capabilities are among the region’s most varied and efficient. This means that we can respond flexibly to unique mission-specific customisation requirements.

To top it off, LAHAB DEFENCE SYSTEMS aligns itself with the highest standards as it relates to quality. Our internal QHSE management systems are audited annually to verify their effectiveness and compliance with applicable regulations.

Our newly remodelled facility has state-of-the-art machine tools that enable us to achieve high production and excellent quality throughout our entire product line. Backed by our precise equipment and sophisticated procedures, we manufacture high-performing products that satisfy US-MIL SPEC, NATO, and CIP standards. Products include 40x46 mm LV ammunition, 40 mm grenades, 60mm mortar, 40x53mm ammunition, and 81mm HE mortars.

We also prioritise our planet. Our road map to success is closely linked to our environmental goals.