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To shape the future battlefield, the defence sector is heavily reliant on the transformation of digital technology. Keeping pace with industry-driven changes and challenges, ADASI is committed to giving you the edge, from unmanned systems to AI-enabled drones, whenever and wherever.

As a trustworthy end-to-end solution provider, ADASI has extensive and robust knowledge of the autonomous systems industry. Founded in 2007, ADASI aims to not only enhance and strengthen its customers’ technological capabilities but also design unmanned systems that help customers to navigate challenging and demanding tasks.

In our area of specialty, we have witnessed several modernisations in the defence sector. The world at large has embraced the use and production of autonomous and unmanned drones. ADASI is at the forefront of ensuring that every part of the world is ready to accept and acquire these changes in terms of warfare advancements and air mobility.

As part of the EDGE group, we acquire, develop, test, operate, and maintain state-of-the-art systems for air, land, and sea. Focused on building a new generation of autonomous capability, we modify and reconfigure performance to align with our client’s strategic and tactical goals as well as their technological capabilities. Providing both frontline and back-end support, we help our clients by offering products, systems, subsystems, designs, development, testing, commissioning, maintenance and many more solutions to meet their needs.


Are you concerned about your operational requirements for both the control station and air vehicles? Consider it solved when you choose ADASI. The future of combat is unmanned and we are equipped to provide state-of-the-art solutions, joint analysis on your mission objectives, meticulous equipment selection, and procurement. We analyse all of your requirements to accurately develop and state an integrated solution including military UAV, UAV sensors, transportation, mobile ground stations, and workshops.

We pay close attention to your operational needs, Concept of Operations (CONOPS), and other necessities to offer you the best-in-class solutions for your needs. With ADASI, you are one step ahead at all times.


Due to an excellent rapport with our OEM suppliers and exceptional engineering expertise, we are professionals in payload integration and development of systems, including the interface with complex technologies such as command, control, communication, computer, and intelligence (C4I).

Working closely with a talented pool of personnel on-ground to help you achieve your goals is part of our holistic approach. Right from taking care of flight operations to maintenance and logistics – ADASI covers it all. Being one of the top military UAV, UGV & USV manufacturers and unmanned vehicle companies in UAE, our highly skilled team bags years of experience and comprises industry experts; ADASI can provide its customers with the right fit of support staff to help you seamlessly deploy unmanned systems.

With the help of our advanced OEM relationships, we boast a vast inventory of spare parts, ensuring we are readily available for any maintenance work and full logistical support. We are capable of establishing a dedicated maintenance operation team on-site to enable fast and efficient maintenance.


At ADASI, we deliver next-generation unmanned systems through extensive industry knowledge, in-house research & development and leading international partnerships. These systems are designed to work under extreme conditions and perform critical functions such as monitoring and surveillance. Despite the constant technological changes, ADASI is a strategic unmanned system manufacturer, aiming for consistent innovation, integration, and deployment of key products.


A light unmanned aircraft system (UAS) curated to carry payloads of approximately 100 kg with an endurance of six hours and a range of 150km. With a Ground Control Station (GCS), this helicopter is designed for surveillance purposes on a low-consumption fuel engine, giving militaries the liberty to allocate their manned helicopters for critical missions.


Offering novel deployment options for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, and C4I systems, AEROSTAT has an endurance that lasts for weeks and can carry electro-optical/ infrared (EO/IR) sensors up to 1,500ft above sea level. Providing supreme flexibility at a low or no-vibration platform for even the most sensitive of systems, AEROSTAT is the best fit for large-sized payloads and ground-based surveillance.


We have been operating and providing after-sales support to AL SABR systems for over a decade. AL SABR systems are fully autonomous allowing live video, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities with an airborne endurance of up to ten hours; this also includes honing skills, training pilots, and deploying Al Sabr UAV in daily operations from systems and payloads to maintenance and logistics. With a longer range and endurance, AL SABR acts as a transponder for a wide range of altitudes. It enables various deployment possibilities with flexible data dissemination capabilities, from remote video terminals to C4I networking, making it an ideal platform for all types of operations.


The QX range of loitering munitions ensure a powerful aerial capability in the hands of frontline forces and provide the optimal tools for military forces to make accurate and discreet attacks with various payload capacities. These drones are quick to deploy, the smaller of which can be carried in a backpack, feature onboard video feeds in real-time as well as multiple fuse options.