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EDGE Raises UAE Flag High in Celebration of the Nation’s Vision and Significant Achievements

3 November 2021
EDGE Raises UAE Flag High in Celebration of the Nation’s Vision and Significant Achievements

EDGE, the region’s leading advanced technology group for defence and beyond, and one of the top 25 military suppliers in the world, today proudly raised the flag of the United Arab Emirates in celebration of UAE Flag Day outside its headquarters in the nation’s capital.

The special ceremony was attended by His Excellency Faisal al Bannai, Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director of EDGE, who hoisted the flag in the presence of group’s senior leadership.

H.E Faisal Al Bannai said: “UAE Flag Day is tremendously important to all who work at EDGE Group, and all who are fortunate to call this visionary nation home. As we raise this national symbol high, we do so with the words of our Founding Father echoing in our hearts and minds, and we celebrate the dedication of all those working together to strengthen the UAE’s well-earned global standing and reputation.

“We also reiterate our commitment to achieving the lofty goals set by the wise leadership of this country, to play a leading role as a worthy embodiment and facilitator of the ‘Make it in the Emirates’ campaign, and to tirelessly pursue the Industry 4.0 agenda to help create a fertile environment for the UAE to thrive economically and technologically, at home and around the world, to ensure a secure, enduring, and sustainable future for all of us.”

The commemoration was especially poignant for EDGE as it also marked a significant milestone in the evolution of the Group in the two years since its official launch, and the speed in which it has risen to take its place as one of the world’s leading forces in the development and manufacture of advanced, superior quality, products and solutions both in the defence and civilian sectors. It also underscores the huge resource and emphasis placed, in line with the vision of the leadership of the UAE, to transform the UAE into an industrial hub of innovative future technologies.