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EDGE Raises the UAE Flag in Honour of the Nation’s Achievements and its Distinguished Leaders

3 November 2023

Abu Dhabi, UAE: 3 November, 2023 – Today, EDGE proudly raises the flag in honour of the nation’s illustrious past, its invaluable contribution to domestic and international prosperity today, and its vision for a brighter future. This important occasion is also an opportunity to reaffirm our loyalty to our wise leaders, who continue to secure progress and economic stability for the millions who are proud to call the UAE their home. This UAE Flag Day holds special significance to all of us at EDGE Group, as we not only have the privilege of honouring our nation, but also celebrate the fourth anniversary of our launch.

EDGE is proud to uphold the values represented by the UAE flag - those of security, prosperity, advancement, and a commitment to maintaining a strong global presence and influence. EDGE remains devoted to the vision laid out by our leadership of effecting meaningful change in our industry, strengthening the UAE’s sovereign capabilities and harnessing future technologies for greater innovation and continued economic growth. As EDGE celebrates its notable milestones this UAE Flag Day, we are proud to be serving and contributing to the protection of our beloved country by employing the latest security technologies and capabilities.