Press Releases

Reaffirming our allegiance to the symbol of our unity and sovereignty, and celebrating our remarkable achievements

3 November 2022

UAE Flag Day is an especially proud and poignant occasion for all who live in this visionary nation, particularly as we celebrate those who work with exceptional determination to create a secure, innovative, and inclusive community which millions are proud to call their home. This day is equally important to everyone at EDGE, as we have the privilege of honouring our national symbol while simultaneously recognising the third anniversary of our organisation’s launch.

This year’s commemoration is tinged with sadness and gratitude as we remember our former President, the late Sheikh Khalifa in Zayed Al Nahyan, and as we reinforce our loyalty and commitment to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and the leadership of the UAE, who continue to shape and advance the nation’s economic growth. The EDGE Group remains dedicated to achieving to the goal set for us of developing our sovereign capabilities by embracing future technologies and by effecting real change through innovation across our industry. We proud to take on this responsibility for the security and prosperity of all who live in this great nation.