Remaya is a global leader in creating & delivering military-grade shooting ranges & imparting live fire training for defence forces, corporations, NGOs & nations


At REMAYA, we believe that the operational excellence of your people is the difference between mission success and failure. The battlefield is volatile and unpredictable and we are an international leader in designing, building, operating, and maintaining love-fire shooting ranges.


As an EDGE entity, our expertise includes harnessing the most innovative and advanced technology from smart booking systems to cutting-edge robotics. REMAYA makes use of the latest, customisable range management software, deploys smart robotics for soft target simulations, and improves learning and enhances accuracy with Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) technology.

Our capabilities include:

  • Building Military Grade Live-Fire Shooting Ranges
  • Managing, Operating, and Maintaining Shooting Ranges
  • Supplying and Integrating Target Systems


Range Development

REMAYA has been at the forefront of internationally acclaimed military-grade shooting range creation and delivery since 2009. Our comprehensive solutions encompass design, development, management, and consulting, empowering you with what you need to focus on operations. The management, operation, and advanced shooting range maintenance are executed with advanced range management software that is based on our custom procedures.

We are developers, operators, and shooting range designers offering customised solutions for your needs and preferences. Our systems feature state-of-the-art smart target technology, delivered with total cultural sensitivity.


REMAYA designs world-class live-fire shooting ranges tailored to your requirements and challenges to hone skills.


With our extensive experience, we offer world-class ranges with various challenging environments to facilitate skill development. Each range – be it Total Energy, Full Danger Area, or No Danger Area - is equipped with facilities that offer realistic and robust environments for your personnel.


Whether the ranges have been built by us or constructed by a third-party, REMAYA is highly qualified to operate them. Your safety and our professionalism are priorities and we oversee the end-to-end management of shooting ranges so that you can focus on the non-operational aspects of business activities.


We value service and treat managing live-fire ranges with utmost importance. Just like our other services, we ensure that facilities operate to their fullest capability and when upgrades and improvements take place, they are done so efficiently and on time.


Advanced Range Operating Systems (AROS)

AROS provides next-generation target control software and range management that is easy to learn and use. AROS is highly configurable and can easily integrate with after-action review, battle effects simulation, building management systems, CCTV, lighting, and sound systems in order to support range safety. AROS has various control and display device options and allows range staff to view training results in real-time for monitoring and support via feedback or coaching.

Static Targets

Our standard static target mechanism operates in an up-and-down motion but can be fitted with rotary modules and LOMAH in order to detect supersonic and subsonic ammunition. Along with the ability to have immediate feedback via the Intelligent Visual Display Unit (IVDU), the firer can also make use of various target boards as well as Friend and Foe socks for a multitude of training scenarios. REMAYA offers the following static targets:

  • TG 82 - 70 Single Target
  • TG 82 - 30 Twin Turner Target
  • TG 82 - 70 Triple Lifter Target
  • TG 82 - 70 Quad Turner Target
  • TG 82 - 162 Turning Target
  • Box Target

Moving Targets

These moving target systems can either be installed independently or combined with any combination of static targets in order to facilitate static and moving target scenarios simultaneously. Each moving target varies in complexity and allows variable speed, which allows scenarios from basic to advanced to take place. Our moving targets can be fitted with supersonic LOMAH, which provides feedback on firer accuracy using an IVDU and are available in the following variants:

  • TG 350 Moving Target System
  • Oblique Mover Trolley
  • TG 94 Overhead Retrievable Target
  • TG 300-06 Battery Tank Moving Target
  • TG 300-07 Diesel Tank Moving Target

Robotic Targets

Our semi-autonomous robotic targets (R.T.) are a step toward the future of live-fire training as they enhance realism with unpredictable movements, reactions, and interactive behaviour. The R.T. makes use of an internal autonomous path-finding capability and intelligence sensor fusion technology in order to support semi-autonomous behaviour, making it simple to draw paths, set targets, and define behaviour. REMAYA offers the following R.T.:

  • R.T. - CQB
  • R.T. - General Purpose
  • R.T. - XTreme
  • R.T. - Heavy Duty

Portable Targets

Our portable targets can be used independently or in conjunction with the static and moving targets we have available for indoor and outdoor settings. These targets can be operated via UHF or Wi-Fi and can be fitted with other trigger devices:

  • Bagman Target
  • Confined Space Target (CST)
  • HF11 Hostile Fire Simulator
  • IR Activation Device
  • Portable Infantry Target System (PITS)
  • Pressure Mat
  • TG 82-70 Sniper Portable Target

LOMAH & Firer Display Units

These units include both subsonic and supersonic LOMAH systems, Intelligent Visual Display Units , lane initiators for shot matching, and a tablet used to provide feedback to shooters or trainers and to control targetry:

  • Control/Display Tablet
  • H-Bar-LOMAH
  • Intelligent Visual Display Unit (IVDU)
  • Lane Initiator Poe
  • Pistol LOMAH
  • T-Bar Standard-LOMAH

Ballistic Protection

REMAYA’s ballistic protection solutions are suitable for portable and static targets and use a combination of certified world-class rubber and armoured steel products. All rubber has been tested and certified according to AS/NZS 1530.3:1999 for fire resistance as well as SD/NZS 2343:1997 for ballistic backsplash performance. We offer the following:

  • Fixed Ballistic Protection
  • Portable Ballistic Protection Type 1
  • Portable Ballistic Protection Type 2
  • Replacement Rubber for Fixed Ballistic Protection
  • Replacement Rubber for Portable Ballistic Protection

Steel Targets

We also offer cost-effective steel targets that provide immediate visual and audible hit and miss feedback and facilitate cognitive and associative shooter development. These targets are made up of AR500 or AR550 steel and have been engineered for heavy-duty use:

  • 8 Head Plate Rack Steel Target
  • Automatic Reset Steel Target
  • Duelling Tree Steel Target
  • Energy Wash Steel Target

Target Consumables

REMAYA offers a wide spectrum of target consumables that encompasses various decals, fabric socks, and target boards:

  • CBQ Dual, 6 mm MMSRPP Target Board
  • Decal Pack 1, 4 x Figure 11, Friend or Foe, Military, Self-adhesive
  • Figure 11, 8mm Coreflute Target Board
  • Figure 12, 8mm Coreflute Target Board
  • Figure 11, Self-Healing Plastic Target
  • Figure 12, Self-Healing Plastic Target
  • Figure 11, 6mm SRPP Target Board
  • Figure 12, 6mm SRPP Target Board
  • Target Board, CBQ Dual, 8mm Coreflute
  • Target Sock, Fig. 11 w/ Fig. 12 High and Huns Head
  • Target Bag, Fast Vertical Rising Target
  • Target Sock, Fig. 11, Lateral Running Man
  • Target Socks
  • Target Decal, Combat Shooting, Multiple Grouping Circles, Black on White
  • Target Decal, Combat Shooting, Operator Standards, Black on White
  • Target Decal, Drop Head Target Face
  • Target Decal, CQB, Single Circle Aiming Mark, 150 mm Diameter
  • Target Decal, Group and Zero

Support Equipment

Our support equipment provides more realistic simulated combat environments and is composed of ballistically safe materials that are non-ricochet inducting. REMAYA’s support equipment can be used simultaneously with the installed targetry and we can customise pieces in order to meet specific training and scenario requirements. We have the following support equipment available:

  • Bollard Base, Heavy Weight Rubber, Octagonal 110mm Centre Hole
  • Drop Head Mannequin
  • Drop Head Plate Target
  • Firing Point Prop
  • Firing Point Prop Stencil
  • Plastic Road Barrier - Low Wall Firing Prop
  • Post 50x50 mm Square Profile x 1.5m Long, Low-Density Polyethylene, Beige Colour
  • Support Base, Black Rubber with Strengthened Rubber Legs