SIGN4L is the leading provider of electronic warfare and intelligence solutions in the UAE. We develop solutions for defence and security forces in Integrated electronic warfare technologies, Aircraft electronic survivability systems, Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) sensors


Electronic warfare (EW) technologies are rapidly establishing themselves as critical components in the modern battlespace. Providing defence and security forces with cutting-edge capabilities, SIGN4L enables its clients to achieve superiority in the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum throughout their military and intelligence missions.

Part of the Electronic Warfare & Intelligence (EW&I)  cluster within EDGE, SIGN4L is the UAE-based leader in developing such solutions and one of the few in the region. We enable our clients to confidently defend and control the EM spectrum and degrade their opponents' EM capacity, ensuring mission success.

SIGN4L pioneers sophisticated and innovative technology and provides clients with customised procurement, configuration, deployment, and servicing capabilities for their unique organisational and operational requirements. From electronic camouflage and concealment to guaranteeing electronic clarity across platforms, our solutions cover a broad range of EW systems suitable for active defence, offence, and situational awareness purposes.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, we develop flexible, adaptive, and dependable EW&I technologies. In addition, we provide lifecycle support in three primary areas: integrated electronic warfare solutions; aircraft electronic survivability systems; and intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) sensors for maintaining battle-space awareness and superiority.


As one of the leading EW solutions providers in UAE, SIGN4L supplies EM or directed energy weapons for degrading, disrupting, or rejecting the opposing troops' communications, targeting, and navigation.

These electronic attack technologies involve threat analysis and response, along with countermeasures such as radio frequency (RF) weapons, spoofing, lasers, signal jamming, and any combination thereof to successfully neutralise the threat. Our EW solutions can be used to conceal or spoof the position of troops and safeguard personnel, platforms, and assets against RF-equipped explosive devices.


V-Protect is a state-of-the-art mobile active and reactive high-power jamming system, enabling blocking of all common terrestrial radio frequency (RF) signal technologies as well as portable SATCOM equipment.

Due to ever-evolving global threats, SIGN4L has developed leading-edge technologies to counter RF controlled devices. Designed and built in the UAE, V-Protect provides seamless and adaptable protection across relevant frequency bands and technologies. Fitted onto a standard SUV, the system is rapidly deployable and efficiently operated for a multirole applications.


As one of the top EW solutions providers, SIGN4L develops systems to support the electronic protection of a country’s personnel and equipment while ensuring tactical and strategic decision-making. These systems include technologies for target acquisition, high accuracy warning systems, and state-of-the-art countermeasure systems.

To protect client targeting, navigation, and communication systems from hostile threats, we deliver solutions that strengthen both offensive target acquisition and incoming warning systems. These technologies are especially effective at stopping radar or other sensors from jamming and facilitating a smooth transfer to secure, unjammed frequencies. Additionally, our systems include electronic and thermal defences against incoming threats, such as heat-seeking missiles.


NavControl-G is a sophisticated spoofing system that emits counterfeit GPS signals that mimic legitimate ones in order to generate an alternative path and safely mitigate the threat of hostile UAVs.

Designed and built in the UAE, NavControl-G takes control of target UAVs, safeguarding sensitive and protected areas. Encased in a shock-proof container, the system can be seamlessly integrated across multiple configurations - either in fixed locations or rapidly deployed on the field when required.


SIGN4L's broad portfolio of radar and EW systems helps clients successfully detect, identify, and track EM energy sources, enhancing their understanding of operational forces and assets in the battle area. Thus, troops can spot threats, collect data, and plan for future operations. To provide clients with this situational awareness capability, SIGN4L incorporated electronic intelligence assets (passive and active radar) and communication intelligence assets (GSM, UHF, and VHF radios and electro-optical and infrared sensors) into their radar systems.


As technologies in the EM space constantly evolve, defence and security forces have to tackle emerging threats and navigate a world of ever-changing requirements and risks. That is why research and innovation is fundamental to how we stay ahead of of the adversary and at the forefront of new opportunities.

In a progressively complex environment, SIGN4L continues to create EW&I solutions that deliver the highest levels of protection, information dominance, and situational awareness. Our sophisticated methods and integrated technologies ensure that government legal interception and homeland security organisations have an edge over their competitors.

With research at the heart of its service, SIGN4L guarantees that its clients can take advantage of the most innovative and advanced EW systems on the market. Our staff is unmatched in terms of developing cutting-edge technology and continuously delivering support and capabilities across numerous military platforms when and where it’s required.


At SIGN4L, we formulated a rigorous and disciplined cycle of research and development for the efficient monitoring, analysis, and mitigation of emerging hazards. Our engineering and development teams specialise in sophisticated RF digital sensors, RF propagation, RF signal processing, threat detection and warning, and secure communications in disputed settings. Additionally, we evaluate possibilities for our clients in the development of converged, multi-role systems, to allow for the overlapping domains of cyber and electronic warfare.

By establishing and maintaining outstanding connections with leading global technology providers, we guarantee that our clients have access to the most leading-edge technologies and solutions.