Range On Wheels (ROW)

Advanced, portable emulation generator

Range Automation
Portability On-Premise
Devops Orchestration
Integration Hybrid (Virtual & Physical)

Our Range On Wheels (ROW) range automation technology combines the latest innovations in defence training with groundbreaking capabilities in cyber security. Through ROW, an advanced, portable emulation generator, users may create numerous different training scenarios for cyber operations, integration, manipulating new technology, or developmental operations orchestrations. By using off-the-shelf cyber- range scenarios, ROW is able to emulate various environments. ROW can be fully integrated with both physical and virtual devices.


  • Orchestration and automation DEVOPS Cyber Range turn key solution
  • Full network deployments with click and drop capability for Network replication – fast turn-up and tear-down
  • Off-the-Shelf Cyber-Range scenarios – CTFs, War Games, King-of-the-hill and APT replays
  • Integration both with physical and virtual devices - IT, OT & IOT
  • Shockproof Military graded racks with hyper-converged infrastructure built-in
  • Fully Portable