Jet Powered Loitering Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Take-off weight weight 80kg
Payload 25kg
Endurance 40 minutes
Cruising speed 400km/h

The HALCON SHADOW 25 loitering unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system provides defence forces with powerful, rapid-strike kamikaze munition capable of delivering a precision strike against fixed targets.

Featuring advanced guidance capabilities and onboard video navigation, the SHADOW 25 system has a cruising speed of 400 km/hr, creating new opportunities to swiftly neutralize stationary enemy targets with a powerful 25 kg payload, even those located up to 250 km away.

Wing span: 2.36 m
Length: 2.84 m
Height: 0.76 m
Takeoff weight: 80 kg
Payload: up to 25 kg
Endurance: 40 minutes
Cruising speed: 400 km/h
Engine: Turbojet
Range: up to 250 km
Max ceiling: 25,000 ft