World class precision guided munitions manufacturers. We develop next generation of PGM Missiles using leading innovation technology including design, manufacturing and supply chain.


The rise of precision-guided munitions (PGM) has changed the landscape of warfare. Established in 2012, AL TARIQ is the first UAE-based precision-guided munitions manufacturer.

We provide smaller, smarter and faster aerial weaponry designed with the latest technologies. We are one of the leading providers of short and long range munitions having excelled in building production capacity while keeping up with international standards.

Our goal is simple - to develop the best-in-class innovative solutions while nurturing successful partnerships.


At AL TARIQ, we manufacture combat-proven kit systems that convert unguided aerial weapons into high-precision, long-range munitions extending up to 120km using systems like GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) for automated target recognition, INS (Inertial Navigation System) and IIR (Imaging Infrared). Our easy-to-handle and deploy packages allow flexibility in adapting new priorities based on your missions. Our bolt-on propulsion technology facilitates the impressive range of our munitions, while also allowing wireless programming.

AL TARIQ, an EDGE Group subsidiary within the Missiles and Weapons cluster, manufactures munitions that deliver fire-and-forget accuracy with high success rates and minimal collateral damage in the battle space. We design, develop, manufacture and integrate air-to-surface missiles.

Our automatic target recognition capabilities and semi-active laser seekers against high-priority fixed, off-axis (ranging from 90-180 degrees), moving and relocatable targets help ensure the AL TARIQ range allows complete flexibility in precision targeting for MK-81, MK-82 and MK-83 aerial weapons.

Our guidance-kits enable conventional munitions to be converted into near-precision weapons in a cost-effective manner. They come with system integrations, unique penetration warheads, technological upgrades like enhanced navigation solutions, Height-Of-Burst-Sensors (HOBS) capabilities, and much more.

Our flexibility and operations help improve pilot safety and provide target accuracy within a three-metre radius. We utilise advanced mechanisms to support and maintain bomb kits, testing equipment, documentation and training to deploy vital payloads anywhere in the world.


Our experts at AL TARIQ use cutting-edge technology to upgrade PGMs. Backed by world-class engineering, we ensure the use of the latest advancements in software and mechanical designs. Our technical knowledge and ability to adapt suitable tools and machineries gives us an edge in optics, propulsion and weapons.

Recent upgrades include the new Block II version of our PGM range, featuring precise navigation systems and a pre-flight power source.  AL TARIQ is complaint with US military standard 1760 (MIL-STD-1760) and also provides ITAR-free solutions.

As a precision ammunition manufacturer in UAE, we screen the production and assembly of all our products, taking due precautions and ensuring 100% protocol implementation.


Our technology partner and shareholder, Denel Dynamics is South Africa’s largest government-owned defence manufacturer, specialising in tactical missiles, precision-guided weapons, unmanned aerial vehicle systems and space solutions.

Additionally, it is also a strategic partner of the South African National Defence Force and an innovative leader in advanced systems technology. 

Our partnership with Denel Dynamics has helped increase our production capacity over a short span of time. Our prime focus has been on enhancing our production expertise and ensuring continual innovation while also working on production process improvements and establishing engineering functions to offer world-class products.


AL TARIQ provides combat-proven and reliable precision-guided weapons with a unique testing protocol for outstanding seeker performance. We provide tactical solutions with all-weather, day or night operational capabilities.    

We offer two key variants of munitions based on missile seekers, payload sizes, wing kit preferences and system configurations:


A single modular kit for MK-81 and MK-82 munitions ranging up to 40km. Weighing 212-268kg, AL TARIQ-S can lock targets up to 90 degrees off-axis before or after the launch (LOBL/LOAL missiles).  


Wing kits that can be extended and permit a range of up to 120km. Weighing 310-366kg, AL TARIQ-LR can lock targets up to 180 degrees off-axis before and after the launch (LOBL/LOAL missiles).

Both key variants can be launched up to an altitude of 40,000ft at the speed of Mach 0.9 with the ability to adjust the speed and impact angle. We ensure simplified user logistics that enable ease of programming attack profiles using GNSS/INS/SAL/IIR systems. Our LOBL (Lock-On Before Launch) and LOAL (Lock-On After Launch) missiles are highly accurate and installed with fire-and-forget systems. As the leading precision munitions supplier in the UAE, we also provide ITAR-free solutions and integration on various fighter aircrafts.