In the face of constant change, we must quickly adapt how we operate to reflect this reality. At BEACON RED, we confront national security challenges in unconventional ways.

Founded in 2018, BEACON RED is a wholly owned subsidiary in the electronic warfare and cyber technologies within EDGE Group. When it comes to defence, our goal is always the same. We aim to enhance the capabilities of national security agencies and personnel to face the contemporary challenges of today and tomorrow, wherever they might be found.

At BEACON RED, we develop novel approaches to the world’s most challenging problems. Our team comprises of elite professionals, hand-picked from 25 different countries. We are thought leaders, innovators, and risk takers from the world's most prestigious organisations and businesses. We are pioneers, who constantly push the boundaries of the status quo. Our subject matter expertise is not just extensive but also innovative, combining advances in knowledge management, people analytics, project delivery, language support services, and group security.

Through our extensive course catalog of almost 100 training solutions and assessment platforms,  we guarantee that the next generation of national security professionals are prepared to succeed in any location, environment, or situation on the globe.  

Each training solution we develop is flexible, relevant, and representative of the challenges that our students will confront in the 21st century. These solutions are also capable of accommodating the constraints of any security culture as we recognise the difficulties inherent in working at a national security establishment.

Through close collaborations with our partners and clients, we guarantee that their strategic needs and the capabilities necessary for success in any national security context are completely aligned.

We offer only the most bold and audacious training, skills, and technologies to motivate and push our partners and clients to be transformative, adaptable, and flexible in any situation, anywhere in the world.


Trusting in the science of selection, our people analytics division is always on the lookout for professionals to contribute to the dynamic nature of national security.

Our team of statisticians, data scientists, and applied psychologists leverage cutting-edge analytical testing with psychometric and biometric measures to simplify and streamline a client’s selection process.

With our bespoke battery of precision testing and real-time personality characteristic mapping, our clients can effectively meet their performance objectives and identify the profile they need to maximise talent, human performance, and mental resilience.

At BEACON RED, we utilise supervised machine learning for the analysis of numerous data points, ensuring the selection of only the best and most competent applicants. People analytics equips decision and policymakers with the information necessary to inspire dynamic performance throughout an organisation.


The next generation of security professionals will confront enormous difficulties in a fast-changing asymmetric security environment. Recognising this issue, BEACON RED believes that the best way to prepare is to create training solutions that spark not only curiosity but also thorough understanding of the UAE's national security establishment.

This is exactly what our knowledge management team is here for. Banding together a broad group of subject matter experts, our team develops the most relevant and current national security agency training platforms and curriculums for our trainees.

We design our training solutions to be flexible and responsive in order to meet our clients’ strategic requirements, regardless of their location. These solutions also adhere to the SAT (Systems Approach to Training) standard and come complete with comprehensive training and technical documentation.

Beyond training materials, we provide our students with the basic and advanced skills, along with opportunities to succeed in the classroom, to prepare them for the difficulties they will encounter in the real world.


At BEACON RED, we not only develop high-quality training solutions for the next generation of national security professionals but also oversee the implementation and execution of up to one hundred unique programmes.

Comprised of experts and instructors from industry-leading agencies and organisations across the globe, our project delivery team boasts an extensive subject matter expertise necessary to succeed in any contemporary national security establishment.

In collaboration with the UAE government, we equip our graduates with competitive knowledge and skills that prepares them to confront and address the long-term strategic implications of national security.


Bridging the cultural divide between our instructors and students, our linguists and interpreters are more than just translators; they are creators and facilitators. At BEACON RED, we integrate a team of 75 full-time English-to-Arabic language assistance specialists into all areas of our work, all of whom ensure that our translations are culturally and contextually appropriate for the organisation or environment in which they will be deployed.

This is especially true when operating in areas of national security, where we allow no room for interpretation. With our readiness to meet any translation requirement, we can equip organisations, institutions, and government agencies with the language support services they need in engaging in the development of public and private sector initiatives. Additionally, we provide discrete legal translation services across the UAE for businesses operating in sensitive areas.


In an increasingly complex region, BEACON RED prioritises the safety and welfare of employees, as well as our clients and partner organisations. We aim to build risk management cultures from the inside out through the successful integration of specialist advisers that adapt into any organisational structure.

We are aware that threats tend to occur in the most unexpected of places and at the most inconvenient of times. This is why we deploy an active operational security staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, protecting all of our project departments and locations with the best quality threat assessments, risk mitigations, and group security innovations.

Equipped with vast experience in performing assessments, audits, and investigations, our team of enterprise risk managers are well-versed in establishing supporting policies and procedures for some of the world's largest businesses in the most challenging regions.