Halcon is a regional leader in the end-to-end manufacturing of precision-guided systems & Munitions providing cost-effective systems that delivers reliability & accuracy


As the regional leader in precision weapon systems manufacturing, HALCON develops cost-effective and reliable products with the guaranteed accuracy you need to achieve tactical and operational goals. With our in-house capabilities across the production value chain, we also provide advisory, automation & robotics consulting services, and special manufacturing solutions.

We have been part of EDGE’s Missiles & Weapons cluster since 2017 and offer next-generation precision-guided munition and robotics expertise geared to help you face the challenges of a rapidly changing world.


HALCON’s in-house expertise has been developed across the entire gravity-release bomb guidance systems’ value chain, which includes the design process, development, testing, manufacturing, and assembly. Our work as precision-guided system developers begins with the research and development that takes place, incorporating customer requirements and market trends. Our world-class production facilities then deliver high-precision, high-tolerance components, and subsystems that are then completed through HALCON’s full assembly line services. As a result, we provide systems with the highest performance, reliability, and safety.

Our capabilities include:

  • Assembly and Integration
  • Development of Actuator Mechanism Developments
  • Gravity Released Weapons
  • Gravity-released Weapons Systems & Sub-system Development
  • Research and Development
  • Safety & Arming Units & Fuzes
  • Systems and Sub-system Development
  • Testing Labs
  • Warhead Design and Development


Testing Labs

We have developed one of the region’s most advanced R&D and testing laboratories, which are fully equipped with tailored facilities that fully address the aspects of the design, manufacturing, and performance testing of precision ammunition and related technologies.

HALCON generates advanced IP for the design of new products, the optimisation of current manufacturing, assembly processes, and systems. Our state-of-the-art labs make it possible to operate with optimum speed and agility when developing and customising products by avoiding the need to send products abroad for testing.


The 400

As we expand our UAE-based manufacturing and design of guided systems as well as their enabling technologies, HALCON has a growing requirement for home-grown engineers. As we continue to attract the most qualified talent from across the globe, our main goal with The 400 is to hire 400 Emirati engineers within the next 10 years. In order to achieve this, we are continuing to reach out to secondary and tertiary academic institutions within the region in order to identify and engage Emirati youth early. Additionally, we fund international university studies for UAE nationals who are talented and motivated as well as work with human capital, building entities within the region in order to expand the pipeline of the Emirati youth being ushered into the engineering field and roles with companies such as our own.


Exceptional Capabilities

All HALCON systems are tested and delivered in compliance with world-class military standards to ensure the compatibility, safety, and performance of what we have to offer as precision-guided systems providers. This includes MIL-STD-810 for material design, MIL-STD-461 to ensure that no electromagnetic interference takes place, MIL-STD-1315 for fuze design safety, and NATO STANAG 3531.

We are also proud to be capable of providing:
End-to-end Machining Capabilities from parts as small as three cubic millimetres (3 mm) to pieces up to a half a metre in length
Expertise in Manufacturing Both Electrical and Mechanical Components
The UAE’s Only Cathodic Electrodeposition (CED) Coating Facility


Guided-Weapon Systems

HALCON specialises in the production of two lines of drop-launched, unpropelled, precision-guidance kit systems that use an aerodynamic tail control in order to guide back-range, cross-range, and down-range directioning for these air-to-surface kits. However, we also offer a variety of surface-to-surface, surface-to-air, air-to-surface, and loitering attack drones:

Surface to Surface

  • HAS - 250 (Anti-Ship Missile)
  • Nassef (Ground Launch)
  • Low-cost Guided Imaging Rocket (LOGIR)
  • SHADOW - 25
  • SHADOW - 50
  • RW - 24

Surface to Air


Air to Surface

The Thunder system is designed to provide precision-guided munition for NATO STD warheads of MK81 (P31), MK82 (P32), and MK84 GP aerial munitions. It represents a short-range, cost-effective guided bomb kit system. The Thunder kits combine inertial guidance augmented by global navigation satellite system (GNSS) information (GAINS) measurements in order to be guided to a pre-programmed target set of coordinates. Additionally, a semi-active laser (SAL) seeker can be fitted in order to enhance precision. We offer the Thunder kit in P31, P32, and P4 configurations:

  • Thunder P - 4
  • Thunder (P - 31)
  • Thunder ( P- 32)

Other air-to-surface HALCON products include:

  • Desert Sting (DS) - 5
  • DS - 8
  • DS - 16
  • DS - 25
  • Desert Sting Racks - Single, Dual, and Quad
  • Nassel (Air Launch)
  • LOGIR Airborn Launcher

Loitering Attack Drones

  • SHADOW - 25
  • SHADOW - 50
  • RW - 24


R/C Systems

We also have the 7IS Remote Control Weapon Station (RCWS) available, which provides remote operators with a panoramic view as a two-axis, servo-controlled, stabilised gimbal system. The 7IS offers 360° rotation capability and can simultaneously traverse and elevate to angular positions as demanded. The system is capable of operating at all times, no matter what condition, stationary and in-motion.


Sub Systems

As precision guided system developers, we offer the following subsystems:

  • Seekers
  • Power packs
  • Servo Motors
  • Special Parts
  • Fuzes
  • Warheads
  • Turbojet Engines